Advanced solutions so you can stay connected on the move

With increasing onboard intelligence and automation, cars are becoming highly complex systems of hardware and software. We simplify how technologies can work together to provide a safe and connected onboard experience.


Connected app market

Increased connectivity in vehicles is transforming what we want to do during our time on the move. We offer the auto industry’s biggest app portfolio, refreshed multiple times per year, that gives access to a range of in-car options – from navigation, weather, electric vehicle charging and parking to music on demand, audiobooks, video and gaming. With 230 apps available worldwide, customizable by region, our app store is powering millions of cars of well-known brands, bringing new content and services online faster and helping increase vehicle life by keeping infotainment systems up-to-date.

Electric / electronic (E/E) architecture

Electronic control units (ECUs) and computers guide essential vehicle features. We help automakers reduce the complexity of E/E architecture for more efficient power and data management. Zonal modules support and relieve centralized high-performance computing and reduce the number of ECUs. Our experience in body electronics, energy management, steering, braking and real-time data feeds from sensors and actuators, allows us to provide intelligent power distribution with innovative eFuse technology that enables automated driving functions and ensures a fail-operational power supply.