We frame everything through the lens of sustainability

Climate change requires us to think and move more sustainably. FORVIA provides the solutions that ensure ultra-low emissions today and enable the transition to zero emissions mobility tomorrow.


Hydrogen mobility

Hydrogen is an important energy of the future and a key way to decarbonize mobility. FORVIA is at the heart of a growing ecosystem of industrial partners supporting hydrogen mobility at scale, adapted to the different requirements across automotive, transportation, logistics and industry. We cover 75% of the hydrogen powertrain with solutions such as hydrogen storage systems to support longer driving ranges and fast refueling. We design for safety, capacity and sustainability: by optimizing tank design, we need less carbon fiber, we reduce our CO2 footprint in manufacturing and we make tanks easier to recycle.

Coolant Control Hub

Efficient thermal management improves the performance of electric vehicles in terms of battery life, autonomy and charging cycles. 

Our Coolant Control Hub combines all the elements needed to cool the battery, power electronics, electric components including the motor, and vehicle interior while reducing the number of components by up to 50%. 

Through a modular design adapted to different electric vehicle systems, we reduce the complexity, cost of materials and logistics, as well as efficiently recover energy to provide on-demand heating and cooling to improve the range of electric cars.