We relentlessly enhance safety

Many of FORVIA’s technologies inside and outside the vehicle play a vital role in the design of safer mobility solutions, bringing a more secure environment for drivers, passengers and other road users.


SSL high resolution headlamp systems

How headlamps illuminate the road surface varies depending on the driving context.  We offer an intelligent headlamp system that uses software to adapt thousands of individual micro-LED pixels for improved visibility and safety functionalities. These range from adaptive driving beam for better nighttime illumination, light-based vehicle guidance, safety zone projections for cyclists or pedestrians as well as using lighting to welcome the driver or bid them farewell at the beginning or end of a trip. Our high-resolution headlamp module provides energy-efficient lighting in a slim design, reducing weight and installation space.

Vision systems

Seeing and reacting to potential risks in the driving environment is critical to keep road users safe. We provide the different vision systems in vehicles that ensure drivers and automated driving systems are making the right decisions. Our technologies such as radars, cameras, sensors like electronic mirrors use algorithms to enhance visibility, especially in poor lighting and weather, and provide a better understanding of the surrounding environment. By detecting stationary objects, obstacles and moving elements such as pedestrians, bikes or cars, our systems can alert drivers and guide safer driving.