Solutions for customized, esthetic and emotional experiences

We believe in creating mobility experiences that matter. FORVIA helps automakers provide an intuitive and versatile environment adapted to each individual, enhancing comfort, wellness and pleasure.


Digital FlatLight

What if vehicle lighting could improve visibility, enhance design freedom and interactions between the car and road users? Through our Digital FlatLight, an innovative multicolor and multifunctional rear lamp system, we can create luminous surfaces that ‘communicate’ through signature lighting. It offers many customization options for light graphics and rear communication messages:  for example combining tail light, stop light and turn signal into one element, symbols that warn road users of traffic jams or graphics that display the battery charge level. And it’s energy efficient too: 80% reduction in energy consumption compared to a conventional LED tail light.

Individual comfort and wellbeing

Seats play a central role in our onboard safety, comfort and wellbeing. Our intelligent seating solutions personalize the onboard experience to ensure people feel great when they reach their destination. To improve postural comfort we use seat-based sensors linked to an app to monitor the sitting position throughout an occupant’s journey. By identifying postural issues and potential backpain, we can activate countermeasures like adjusting the angle of cushions and lumbar support, seat vibrations or massage, as well as offer relaxing or invigorating experiences. Our solution even gives feedback at the end of the trip so people are learning what improves their onboard comfort.